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baby sitting paris

Récrélangue accompanies you daily for school outings, Wednesdays, school holidays ...

For all children from 3 years. Our caregivers take care of your children in your home or directly after leaving school on a regular or occasional basis and perfectly adjusts to your schedule.

Your children are accompanied in safety and hygiene rules but also in a good mood to ensure the development of your children.

All of our stakeholders are experienced and bilingual. Their skills allow them to propose a linguistic awakening to the English thanks to a selection of games designed especially for their level and their age.

In order to provide your children from the youngest to the oldest with quality and personalized support, we select our speakers based on their pedagogy and their school curriculum.

Our linguistic discovery workshops

In addition to the guards of Baby Sitting in English daily, we offer you to discover or rediscover the English to your children in a playful and innovative way.

We work in your home for a single child or a group (4-5 children maximum) one morning or one afternoon depending on your availability. Using our various supports contained in our RECREBOX, the bilingual facilitator will have the task of familiarizing your child with the English and its different sounds.

This linguistic evangelism will be done by proposing to your child different situations or play games in group. This method allows your child to feel more at ease with this new language and will strengthen his linguistic bases for years to come.

baby sitting paris