Who are we ?

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A little About us

Our team is made up of a recruitment manager and family placement manager who will provide you with a follow-up throughout the year and will be very attentive to your remarks, your needs and your request in order to ensure a Service as close as possible to your everyday life.

Thanks to our speakers we will offer you a playful and natural approach that will inspire your child to learn English. We use vocabulary adapted to his level which will allow him to first understand the words of everyday life.

Games and activities will be conducted in English, a method that will make learning fun. Our daily exchanges will be based in English to help awaken this new language.

Our promises

We are a state-approved organization so we commit ourselves on a daily basis with you. We have all stakeholders sign a charter of good behavior that our team of stakeholders must respect.

They must commit themselves to having an outfit and behavior adapted to the children, they must respect your interior as well as the educational rules that you set. We put in place a liaison booklet that allows us to follow each participant. And they also undertake to respect the administrative functioning.

Our engagements

Récrélangue always pays attention to the quality of its services and the response to your needs.

Checks at your home are made during the hours of intervention.

A trial period of 15 days is set up in order to assess, or not, the skills of our caregiver and the relationship with the child. No fees will be charged if you live in Paris.

Our team adapts to all your requests whenever possible. We take care to be very responsive and responsive to your needs.