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Up to three children the rate does not change! Enjoy!

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Signs of a need for a baby-sitting agency

You're parents and maybe divorced ? You're buried in work and you're not always available to take care of your children and pick them up after school ? However, you are quite reluctant to entrust your children to a complete stranger ?

A single agency

Don't worry: our Baby-sitting Paris Agency offers its services to assist you and facilitate the management of your children according to your availability. Baby sitting Paris is, as its name says, a large scale baby-sitting agency in Paris. It is a state-accredited agency that operates on a daily basis with its clients.


It is staffed by a recruitment manager and a family placement manager who will assist you continuously throughout the year in case of concern. Members of our stakeholder team are required to sign a clear and detailed contract of good conduct on your requirements that they must strictly respect.


We have experienced Anglophone, bilingual or trilingual staff, available according to your needs. They are most of the time close to your home for more insurance.
 Also, with Baby sitting Paris, you benefit from a 50% discount on all services and no booking fees for families living in Paris with a CAF advantage for those with a child from 3 to 6 years old.

To contact us

For more information or to contact us, feel free to visit our site or dial 09 80 68 82 63.

Answer under 48H

For all requests made on our site or by telephone we undertake to reply within 48 hours.


With Récrélangue, your children are taken care of in English as soon as they leave school or at the leisure center.

A connected staff

To best meet our needs, we adjust and modify our schedule according to yours.

New methods

In order to provide a linguistic awakening to the English to your children, from 3 years we use playful methods.

Daily monitoring

For a personalized follow-up for your elders, we offer a daily schooling in English.


Our anglophone speakers respect your environment but also your educational rules

Why choose us ?

Our stakeholders

  • They are English-speaking, bilingual or trilingual according to the needs of each family
  • All of our caregivers are experienced in child care
  • For simplicity, all our speakers are located near your home.

Benefits for Parents

  • No application fees for families residing in Paris
  • 50% tax deduction on all our services
  • CAF benefits for families with 1 child from 3 to 6 years.

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We are located at 2 rue Théophile Rousset in the 12th arrondissement of Paris. You can contact us by email or by phone 09 80 68 82 63.

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The team of Récrélangue recruits new staff daily to satisfy all customers. Submit your CV by completing the recruitment form. We will take care of your application as soon as possible.

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Récrélangue simplifies your life! Because your satisfaction is our priority !

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Useful information for parents

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CAF help

A supplement can be paid to you by the CAF when you call on a child care agency. Certain conditions must be respected: your children must be between 3 and 6 years old, both parents must have worked and you must use a minimum of 16h / month of care by the authorized company.

Tax Assistance: Tax Credit or Reduction

The tax assistance granted under certain conditions takes the form of an income tax credit equal to 50% of the expenses incurred by the corresponding parents in the following cases:

  • For unmarried, widowed or divorced parents who are working or who are seeking employment for at least 3 months in the year of expenditure.
  • For married or pacsed parents, having a common taxation. Both parents must have a professional activity or must be registered as jobseekers for at least 3 months in the year of expenditure.

How it works ?

Récrélangue takes care of simplifying the procedures.
We send you a personalized quote that will meet your need, once received you must return this signed document to us for agreement. Following this one we establish a contract of performance that you must complete and return us signed. Then come the setting up, we present a speaker who will intervene at your home. If you are satisfied with the service you will have the same throughout the year. Only the hours worked will be charged, a session has a minimum duration of 2 consecutive hours. Each month end we send you a monthly statement of hours completed by your speaker that you must validate. Récrélangue takes care of all administrative procedures and remains the employer of your worker.
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